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Plesk Administrator SSL Certificate Installation

Installing your Plesk Server SSL Certificate

  1. Login to your Plesk control panel for SSL certificate installation.

  2. Locate Websites & Domains > example.com and click “SSL/TLS certificates” option, as per shown in the screenshot below:

  3. Now, you can view certificate list for SSL certificate installation, where choose your SSL/TLS certificate name “SSL_name” for your example.com website:

  4. Now you can see the screen “Change Properties of SSL/TLS Certificate” with your certificate name. There are two file options namely, Certificate (*.crt) and CA Certificate (*-ca.crt), where you can upload your Certificate (.crt) and CA certificate (.ca-bundle) files, which are issued by a certificate authority.

  5. OR, Copy and paste the SSL Certificate (*.crt) and CA certificate (.ca-bundle) code as text format, as per shown in the screenshot below:

    Once the certificate (.crt) and CA bundle files are uploaded or certificate code pasted in text format, Click the “Upload Certificate” button when you finished.

    Now, you have successfully installed your SSL certificate, the next step would be to enable SSL/TLS certificate to your website. You may complete this process by navigating again to the “Websites & Domains” tab from the left-hand menu. Next, click the “Hosting Settings” as seen below screenshot:

  6. Navigate to the “Security” section, and check both options “SSL/TLS Support Box” and “Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS” by selecting the SSL certificate that you uploaded from the list.

  7. NOTE: Restarting Apache will NOT work. You must stop the service, then start it again to complete the installation.









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