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SonicWALL SSL Certificate Installation

To install your SSL Certificate you will first need to install the Intermediate Certificate then the Root Certificate.

  1. To import the intermediate certificate go to System > Certificates > Import Certificate click the button Import CA Certificate 

  2. Next, find the file E-Tugra_Root.crt and click Upload

  3. Next you need to take the file your_domain_com.crt, that E-Tugra sent to you rename it to server.crt and also the file server.key that was created when the certificate was requested, and combine these into a folder named server.zip.

    An easy way to do create the zip file is to copy both files into a specific folder, then select them both, right-click and choose 'Send to' > 'Compressed Folder'.

    Click the button Import Certificate 

  4. Then browse to and upload the file server.zip. 

  5. To make these changes take effect restart the device by going to System > Restart.








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