Sonic Wall SSL Certificate CSR Creation

CSR Creation Instructions for Sonic Wall

  1. To generate a CSR on a SonicWALL SSL VPN you will need to Expand System to Certificates and click Generate CSR

  2. On the Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) page, enter the details about your organization's legal business name and location. Then enter the other following information: 

    For Name: Enter an alias (aka friendly name).
    For Domain Name (FQDN): enter the name you are securing. If you're going to get a wildcard certificate the FQDN should begin with a wildcard '*' character.
    For Key Length (bits): choose at least 2048 click Submit... 

  3. Then if prompted if you want to save or open the file choose to save the file, then open the file and extract the two files (server.csr and server.key).

  4. Order your SSL Certificate, and upload the file server.csr when prompted for your server's CSR.