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Citrix Access Essentials SSL Certificate CSR Creation

How to generate an SSL Certificate CSR in Citrix Access Essentials

  1. Open the Access Essentials "Quick Start Tool."

  2. From the Setup tab, select "External Access," then "Manage External Access," then click Next in the wizard.

  3. Select the option to "Direct to this server" to access from the internet through a firewall, then click Next.

  4. In the "Public address" field, enter the publicly accessible domain name of your server (the domain name or address through which the server can be accessed externally, e.g., server.domain.com), then click Next.

    Please note that Cisco Access Essentials will not let you generate a request for a WildCard certificate (*.yourdomain.com). If you were planning on using a WildCard in Access Essentials, please contact E-Tugra support for information on alternatives.

  5. Enter your organization's legally registered name.

  6. Enter, if required, an entry for the organizational unit field to be included in the certificate, then click Next.

    The organizational unit is meant to be the name of your department within the organization (frequently this entry will be listed as "IT," "Web Security").

  7. Enter the appropriate geographical information of your organization and click Next.

  8. Click the option to "Manually submit the certificate request to a Certificate Authority" and then Next.

  9. You will then be prompted to save the CSR and then click Finish.

    Remember the filename that you choose and the location to which you save it. You will need to open this file as a text file and copy the entire body of it (including the Begin and End Certificate Request tags) into the online order process when prompted.








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