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Novell IChain SSL Certificate Installation

  1. Extract the ZIP file containing the E-Tugra signed certificate. You should have four certificate files:

    Server Certificate, e.g., www_domain_com.crt

  2. Download the E-Tugra_Güvenli_Kök_Sertifika:


  3. In the iChain Admin GUI, click on Home -> Certificate Maintenance, and select the Certificate Name. The status of the certificate should be "CSR in process."

  4. Click on Store Certificate, then open the following certificate files with a text editor, and paste them in the appropriate fields:

    CA Certificate Contents = E-TugraHighAssuranceEVRootCA.crt (downloaded in Step 2)

    Intermediate Certificate Contents = E-Tugra_Root.crt (make sure the "Include intermeidate certificate" checkbox is checked)

    Server Certificate Contents = Server Certificate, ex. www_domain_com.crt

  5. Click on "Create" then "Apply." The certificate status should change to "Active."

  6. The certificate is now installed ready to be assigned to the accelerators.

Installing your Certificate in older versions of Novell Ichain

  1. You'll need to create a single SSL Certificate from the intermediate and root certificates. To do so, open a text editor (like NotePad), and paste in the contents of your intermediate certificate. Then paste in the contents of the root certificate. (In both cases, you must include the BEGIN and END tags.) Save this new certificate as E-Tugrabundle.pem

  2. Now, go to ConsoleOne and open the ICS container for your iChain server, and open the certificate.

  3. Under the Certificates tab, click on Import. Then choose Read from File, and find the new E-Tugrabundle.pem certificate you created.

  4. Hit Next. Choose Read from File, and browse to your E-Tugra SSL certificate (your_domain_name.crt), then click Finish.








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