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What is the differences between Wildcard Certificate and Multi Domain Certificate?

Wildcard-Multi Domain SSL Certificate


    Wildcard SSL Certificate :  A Wildcard SSL Certificate allows users to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains – at a specific level – for one domain on one certificate.
    Multi Domain SSL Certificate :  A Multi Domain SSL certificate allows users to secure multiple Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) on one certificate.

Limits are;

    Wildcard SSL certificates

You can secure an unlimited amount of sub-domains at only one specific sub-domain level(relating to any Certificate Authority). In other words, if you need unlimited sub-domain coverage at multiple levels (i.e. *.domain.com and *.sub1.domain.com), you’ll need to purchase an additional certificate.
   Multi Domain SSL certificates

You can secure multiple domains up to a specific amount (i.e. 10), depending on the issuing Certificate Authority. Each Certificate Authority specify the amount. Depending on the CA, some Multi-Domain certificates come bundled with additional domains by default.

Which one I should Select?

Selecting which certificate may be confusing without our help. Below for some suggestions depending on your own situation:

    Users with 5 or more different sub-domains should select a Wildcard Certificate. According to intend to add more in the near future. For the type to select ( Domain Validation or Organization Validation ) depends on how much online you want to display to your visitors as a trust site. If your website is in E-commerce, Organization Validation should be best.

    Users with 2 or more unique Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) should select a Multi-Domain Certificate. If you’re running a reputable online business, selecting Organization or Extended Validated Multi-Domain Certificates should be highly recommended...








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