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WebStar Server SSL Certificate CSR Creation

Make a Private Key

  1. Login to the WebSTAR server using the WebSTAR admin client.
  2. Go to the Tools menu and select 'Generate Keys and CSRs'.
  3. Type a name for your private key file.
  4. Type a password. This password will be used for protecting your private key. Make sure that you keep this password in a secure place because you will need it later.
  5. Click the 'Generate Key' button. This will create your new private key file. The new private key file will be saved automatically in the Keys folder of WebSTAR.

Generate a Certificate Signing Request

  1. Go to the 'Generate Keys and CSRs' window again to create a Certificate Request.
  2. Fill in the DN information fields with your correct information.
  3. Select the private key you created in the above steps.
  4. Enter the password you used when you created your private key.
  5. Click 'Generate CSR'.
  6. Create a new text file and save the contents of the output to the text file. Make sure to give the file a .txt extension.
  7. You can now open your CSR file with a text editor. Copy and paste the entire certificate to the E-Tuğra order form. Make sure to include the begin and end tags.








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