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Zyxel ZyWall USG 300 SSL Certificate CSR Creation

Zyxel ZyWall USG 300 CSR Creation

To get started, you will want log in to the Web Configurator. Once open, click on ObjectCertificate, then My Orders. The My Certificates section should give you an overall detailed view of any certificates or requests that are on the machine. Under the My Certificates section, click the Add button. This will allow us to begin creating the CSR:

Name: This is a personal identifier. The name will appear under the My Certificates section and should be named in a way that would help you remember which cert it is.

Common Name: If the connection will be made through a domain name, select Host Domain Name, If it will be accessed directly from the IP address, select Host IP Address.

Organizational Unit: This is optional, but is often filled in with names like IT Department or Headquarters. I can really be anything that describes your situation.

Organization: Enter your legal business name.

Country: While optional, a 2-digit country code would be fine (i.e. US).

Key Type: Select RSA.

Key Length: Select a minimum of 2048 bits.

Enrollment Options: Select to, "Create a certification request and save it locally for later manual enrollment". This should be the last thing we need to do on this page and should make the CSR, which can then be retrieved from the My Certificate Details screen. Once you retrieve the CSR, you can copy and paste it to the E-Tugra order form.








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