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Zeus SSL Certificate Installation

  1. Once you have received your SSL Certificate files from E-Tugra, open a text editor and paste the contents of each certificate one after another in the following order:

    1. The Primary Certificate (your_domain_name.crt)
    2. The Intermediate Certificate (E-Tugra_Root.crt)
    3. The Root Certificate (TrustedRoot.crt)
  2. Make sure that you include the beginning and end tags on each certificate. The result should look like this:

    -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- 
    (Your Primary SSL certificate: your_domain_name.crt) 
    -----END CERTIFICATE----- 

    -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- 
    (Your Intermediate certificate: E-Tugra_Root.crt) 
    -----END CERTIFICATE----- 

    -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- 
    (Your Root certificate: TrustedRoot.crt) 
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

  3. Now, login to the web server and on the left menu select SSL certificate.

  4. Against all logic, click on 'Generate CSR' (or, possibly, 'Replace Certificate') for this certificate.

  5. Paste your new combined certificate into the box labelled Signed Certificate. Click OK.

  6. Accept this Certificate.                               

  7. Click on Home, and check the box next to the domain you are securing. Hit Configure.

  8. On right side, under Virtual server status, tick the box against virtual server for configuration and click on Configure button.                                                           

  9. You will have a screen, which show configuration summary, where you need to click on SSL enabled.

  10. Next, pick SSL is enabled option and below select an SSL certificate set to use from drop down menu.

  11. Save the changes, and restart the server.








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