Citrix Access Gateway 4.5 SSL Certificates Installation

Citrix Access Gateway SSL installation is done using the Administration Tool.

A pre-built .pem file should have been emailed to you when your certificate was issued.


  1. Once you have located or created the your_domain_name.pem file, you will want to rename it to have a .crt extension (as opposed to a .pem extension).
  2. Then, from the "Access Gateway Cluster" tab, open the window for the appliance.

  3. In the "Administration Tool," go to the "Access Gateway Cluster".

  4. Under "Administration," select select "Browse" next to "Upload a .crt signed certificate."

  5. Browse to your your_domain_name.crt file from step one and click "Open."

    You can alternately install the certificate file through the "Administration Portal" by clicking "Maintenance," "Add a signed certificate (.crt)," and then browsing to the your_domain_name.crt file.

    Your SSL certificate installation is now complete.

According to Citrix support, you should be using version 4.5.1 or newer. Older versions have compatibility issues with intermediate certificates.