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BEA Weblogic SSL Certificate CSR Creation

How to generate a CSR in BEA Weblogic Web Server

Note: Before you begin, you should know the port which your server uses to listen for SSL connections.

  1. Start the Certificate Request Generator. This is done by entering the following into your web browser:


    where hostname is the name designated for your server, and port is the number of the port for SSL connections.

  2. A form will be loaded into your web browser. Input the information at each prompt, and click the 'Generate Request' button. (If any required fields are left blank, you will be so prompted by the servlet.)

    The Certificate Request Generator servlet will the create three files:

    yourdomain-key.der - the private key file 
    yourdomain-request.dem - the certificate request in binary format 
    yourdomain-request.pem - the certificate request in ASCII format

    Note: If you choose not to give a password, you will receive an unencyrpted RSA private key. If you do give a password, your private key will be PKCS-8 encrypted. With the latter, you must check the Use Encrypted Keys field on the SSL tab in the Server window of the Administration Console.

    The last of the three files is the one to open and copy and paste into the E-Tugra online web server(including the BEGIN and END tags).








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