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Microsoft IIS 5.0, 6.0 Server SSL Certificate Installation

1.     Open the ZIP file containing your certificate and copy the file named your_domain_name.cer to the desktop of the web server you are securing.

2.     Go to your Administrative Tools, and Open the Internet Services Manager. Right-Click on the Default Website or the website that the CSR was created on and select Properties. The certificate will only be able to be installed on the same website that you created the CSR on.

3.     Go to the Directory Security panel. Click on the "Server Certificate..." button. This will start the certificate wizard. Click "Next".

4.     Choose to Process the pending request and install the certificate and click Next.

5.     "Browse" for your SSL Certificate. Locate your_domain_name.cer, then Click Next. Follow the rest of the wizard steps until finished.









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