IIS 4 SSL Certificate Installation

  1. Go to Key Manager.

  2. Install the new IIS Primary SSL Server certificate (your_domain.crt) by clicking on the key in the www directory (usually a broken key icon with a line through it), and select "Install Key Certificate".

  3. Enter the Password.

  4. When you are prompted for bindings, add the IP and Port Number. "Any assigned" is acceptable if you do not have any other IIS SSL certificates installed on the web server.

    Note: Multiple certificates installed on the same web server will require a separate IP Address for each because SSL does not support host headers.

  5. Go to the Computers menu and select the option "Commit Changes", or close Key Manager and select "Yes" when prompted to commit changes.

  6. The new IIS Primary SSL Server certificate is now successfully installed.

  7. Back up the Key in Key Manager by clicking on Key menu> Export -> Backup File. Store the backup file on the hard drive AND off the server.

    ** Note: Before users' browsers will automatically trust your certificate, you must also install the Intermediate Certificates on your Server.








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