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WebLogic 8 and 9 SSL Certificate Installation

Install your SSL Digital Certificate in WebLogic

  1. Run the following command to install the certificate file to your keystore:

    keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias server -file your_domain_com.p7b -keystore your_domain.jks

    You should get a confirmation stating that the "Certificate reply was installed in keystore"

    If it asks if you want to trust the certificate. Choose y or yes.

    The installation of this file loads all the necessary certificates to your keystore. Now you just need to configure your server to use it.

Configuring the Keystore for use in WebLogic

  1. On your WebLogic server, expand the "Servers" node and choose the server you will be configuring.
  2. Next, go to Configuration-->Keystores and SSL.

    Several default keystores or previously installed keystores may be displayed under "Keystore Configuration."

  3. To enable your new keystore, click the "Change..." link under "Keystore Configuration."
  4. Choose "Custom Identity and Java Standard Trust" as your keystore configuration type, then click Continue.
  5. Under "Custom Identity Keystore File Name" enter the full path to the your_domain.jks file on your server.
  6. For "Custom Identity Keystore Type" select jks.
  7. The "Custom Identity Keystore PassPhrase" should be the password you specified when the keystore was created.

    If you have forgotten that password, you will need to begin the process of creating your keystore from the beginning.

  8. You will again be asked to enter your keystore password and confirm.
  9. Click Continue, and then Finish.
  10. You will now need to go back under the "Servers" node and select the server you are configuring.
  11. Next, go to Configuration-->Keystores and SSL, then click the "Change..." link under "Keystore Configuration."
  12. In the Configure SSL page, choose "Key Stores" as the method in which identity and trust is stored for the WebLogic server.
  13. Specify the "Private Key Alias" and "Passphrase" that were used when creating your keystore.

    If you followed our instructions or used our command generator, "server" is your alias. The passphrase is the keystore password.

  14. Click Continue, then Finish.








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