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Checkpoint VPN Appliance SSL Certificate CSR Creation

Add a Root Certificate and Subordinate (Intermediate Certificate) & Request CSR

  1. Open the SmartDashboard so you can see all of your network devices.
  2. Right Click on Trusted CAs > New CA > Trusted...

    create new trusted CA for Checkpoint CSR Creation
  3. Give it a name: e.g. E-Tugra_Root. (http servers needs to be checked in the 2nd tab for that)
    then click the OPSEC PKI tab.

    new SSL root certificate name for Checkpoint VPN 
  4. Click the Get Button and open the file 'TrustedRoot.crt' that E-Tugra sent to you.

    Get Certificate button from Checkpoint VPN OPSEC PKI tab 
  5. When asked 'Do you accept this certificate authority certificate?' click Ok.

    Checkpoint SSL VPN Accept Certificate Authority Certificate 
  6. Right Click Trusted CAs > New CA > Subordinate...

    create new Subordinate CA for Checkpoint CSR Creation process 
  7. Give it a name: e.g. E-Tugra_Root_Intermediate.
    Then click the OPSEC PKI tab and click Get and find E-Tugra_Root.crt file.
    Then click Ok to trust this certificate.

    Chekpoint new Subordinate CSA details 
  8. Gateway Cluster > VPN > Add > Certificate Nickname (e.g. FQDN)

    Open the Device properties for the device you want the SSL certificate to be sent out from, click 'Add' to create a CSR.

    Checkpoint Add CSR button 
  9. Create a Nickname for the certificate (e.g. E-Tugra or yourdomain.com).
    For the CA to enroll from choose the intermediate you made (e.g. E-Tugra_Intermediate).
    Then click the Generate button.

    Generate new CSR from Subordinate CA 
  10. When a popup window says this can't be undone, click Yes.

    Generation of certificate cannot be undone 
  11. Enter all of the CSR details into a single line including your country code.DN:CN=vpn.yourdomain.com,O=Your Company Inc,L=City,ST=State,C=USThen click Ok. If you are getting a SAN certificate click 'Define Alternate Names' and specifies those when prompted.

    Enter CSR details DN:... 
  12. Click View to see the CSR, then choose to either 'Copy to Clipboard' / 'Save to file' for re-entering in the order form.

    View CSR details 
  13. Then during the E-Tugra ordering process for Server type: Choose 'Other', then when prompted you can upload or paste your CSR file.








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