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Microsoft Exchange 2010 SSL Certificate CSR Creation

CSR (Certificate Signing Request) can be defined as an SSL certificate signing request. CSR certificate signature request must be created in order to apply for SSL Certificate.

The steps for creating a CSR signature request are detailed below

1. In the  Exchange Management Console, under Server Configuration, we can see the Exchange Certificates tab as shown in the following figure. We can create and manage the certificates from this console.

2.   As shown in the following picture, when we right-click our server name under Server Configuration; We can request a certificate to the CA server inside, or we can import the certificate obtained from a certificate server onto the exchange server. Let's continue with the New Exchange Certificate here.

3.  Here we enter the friendly name. So like test.e-tugra.com.tr.

4.  When we continue, it asks us whether to enable wilcard certificate. That means; if we have more than one subdomain this certificate can be used with those domains, he says. Ex: * .e-tugra.com.tr covers all possible sub-domains.

5.  When we continue, we will be able to specify cpexc.mstr.com as the domain intranet, which is under the Client Sccess server (Outlook Web App). So when we type mail.mstr.com externally, we will not encounter any certificate warning in this case. What we will use it for; eg: we do not want to use the name of our mail server outside, instead we want to use names like webmail, mail. In this case, we will follow the settings above.

6. In  this screen, we can specify that our certificate can also be used in web services and Outlook Anywhere, and external address for this certificate. After enabling Autodiscover, we are able to provide authentication to our external mail server in a simple and easy way.

7.  Here we write our certificate domains. What is going to be the default common name (the name to appear on the certificate) we add here. In addition, we would like to add it here to our other mail servers with CAS role.

8. Since we  will request certificate to the certificate server, we enter the location and organization information here and specify where to assign the certificate request file path. This extension is .req.

9.  Here we save the certificate request as a request file.

10. Certificate request file path appears here. We're moving on.

11. We see the summary.

12.And our certificate request was created with the settings we specified.








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