Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage SSL Certification Installation

Importing Your Signed SSL Certificate Files to The Keystore
  1. Log onto your Admin Portal and select "SSL Certificate Management".
  2. Choose the option to "Import SSL Certificate".

    Browse to the keystore file created during the CSR creation process. In the password field, enter the password you created when creating the keystore file.

    For Intermediate Certificate, choose false. Then, paste in the entire body of the your_domain_name.p7b file that you will have received from E-Tuğra.

    If you did not receive a .p7b format file, you may need to reissue your certificate, making sure to choose Java as your server type.

  3. Click "Submit", then download the final SSL certificate keystore file. You can name the file anything you choose, such as mykey.keystore.

    Your keystore is now ready for use.

Enabling your SSL Certificate in the Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage Admin Portal

  1. Log into the Admin Portal and select "SSL Certificate Management".
  2. Choose the option to "Upload Certificate", browse to your newly created keystore, and enter the same password that you used when creating the keystore to enable the certificate for use by your server.
  3. Go to Server Controls > Cisco > Control Server, and then stop and start your Managed Server.

    Your server should now be configured to use your newly created keystore and certificate files.

Your certificate file can be exported for use with other Cisco devices using keystores, including any applicable proxy servers.