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IBM HTTP Server SSL Certificate CSR Creation

  1. To begin, you will open IKEYMAN to create a key pair and certificate request in the Key Database. You can make a new database for each key and request, or store them all in one database.

  2. To create a new database, start IKEYMAN, select Key Database File and click on New, then enter your new database name. Hit OK, then enter and confirm your password, and click OK again.

  3. To create the new key pair and CSR, open your database name in IKEYMAN.

  4. Choose 'Create', and then click on 'New Certificate Request'. Enter the information in the form given. For keysize, use the greatest size available, preferably 2048-bit.

  5. When you've completed the form, click OK. Finally, view your CSR, and copy and paste it (including the BEGIN and END tags) into the E-Tuğra order form.








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